Transamerica Building

San Francisco, California
Certification: LEED® EB O&M v3.0 PLATINUM

How we solved the challenge

One of the world’s truly iconic buildings, The Pyramid is also now one of the most efficient thanks to BuildingWise and Pyramid’s management, who were early and eager adopters of the San Francisco’s efforts to support green building requirements.

We first helped The Pyramid achieve Gold status (2009), but almost immediately after, the management team wanted to take its long-standing commitment to energy efficiency to the limit. They hired us again to go for Platinum, and a little more than a year later, we got them the certification they wanted by finding ways to improve energy efficiency, reduce water usage, integrate recycling and composting into the systems, and more. The results were immediate, including $100,000 in annual savings on waste.

In fact, the results were so successful, they’ve hired BuildingWise again to do a second re-certification, still targeted at Platinum.

Transamerica Building San Francisco, CA
  • generates 70% of its own energy and 100% of its own heating and hot water saving nearly $700,000 a year
  • 20% annual reduction in water usage
  • $100,000 annual savings on garbage costs
  • 70% of its ongoing consumables are now recycled or composted instead of going to the landfill
  • 85% of the building’s occupants use alternative transportation