Bishop Ranch

San Ramon, California
Certification: LEED® GOLD & SILVER EB v3.0

How we solved the challenge

One of the first LEED Block Certification projects in the world, Bishop Ranch may also be considered one of the most ambitious LEED for Existing Building project ever, as the development exceeds 4.5 million square feet.

From the first phone call with the Bishop Ranch leadership, we knew how important it was to them that every building on the campus was certified. Within a month, we identified which buildings could be fast-tracked due to recent upgrades or because they already had the needed infrastructure in place for LEED.

Weekly meetings with Sunset Development Company staff ensured clear and consistent communication, which proved essential for successful certification, and within one year, Block 1 earned 13 Gold LEED-EB certifications and one Silver LEED-EB. A year later, we helped them earn subsequent certifications for the remaining 12 structures within Block 2, as well as for the world headquarters for Chevron located within the Bishop Ranch campus.

Bishop Ranch
  • Web-based irrigation controllers operate via real-time feeds from the U.S. Weather Service
  • 2 million pounds of green waste put back into the soil each year
  • Committed to offset between 25% and 100% of their energy with clean, renewable energy for at least two years
  • A majority of Block 1 have building Energy Star scores over 85, three with scores over 95
  • The campus’ MERV 14 air filters meet the same standards hospitals use for air filtration